Artist FAQ


Q: “How Are Artists Chosen for Collaborations?”

We carefully assess all applications based on creativity, originality, and alignment with SOULISFREE's styles. Selected artists will be contacted for further discussion.


Q: “What Types of Artwork Are You Looking For?”

We welcome a variety of visual art forms that are suitable for apparel, including printmaking, watercolor, illustrations, paintings, digital art, and more.


Q: “Will I Maintain Ownership of My Artwork?”

Yes, artists maintain full ownership rights to their artwork. YIUME seeks permission to use the artwork exclusively for the collaboration collection.


Q: “How Is The Commission Structured?”

Commission rates are negotiated individually with each artist and are determined by factors such as the size of the collection and anticipated sales volume.


Q: “Are artists from overseas eligible to apply?”

Certainly! We enthusiastically invite applications from artists worldwide, regardless of nationality, as we seek diverse and distinctive artistic perspectives from across the globe.


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